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Trespass Charges

If you have been charged with criminal trespass in Missouri or Kansas, you need an experienced criminal attorney to defend your rights. Call The Criminal Lawyers of Kopecky Law, P.A. today for a FREE CONSULTATION so you can know your rights and what we can do for you. If it is a Kansas City, Missouri trespass charge, call us at 816-421-0100, if it is a Kansas trespass charge call us at 913-491-5599. All other areas, call us toll free at 800-N-GUILTY.
Trespass in the 1st degree (Missouri) is a class B misdemeanor: wherein a person “knowingly enters unlawfully or knowingly remains unlawfully in a building or inhabitable structure or upon real property”.
Trespass in the 2nd degree (Missouri) is an infraction: wherein a person “enters unlawfully upon real property of another”.

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Whether you are charged with possession of marijuana or some other drug case, charged with shoplifting or theft, or were pulled over for DUI or DWI, we can help you. Call us at (913)491-5599 in the Kansas City Metro area or (800)N-GUILTY everywhere else.

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